organic fertilizers company ecoforce

organic fertilizers company ecoforce
ECOFORCE is a Spanish company dedicated to manufacture and distribution of innovative products, aimed to improve agricultural production in organic agriculture and free residue farming.
ECOFORCE´s products are marketed in the rest of Europe, Africa and America. We are proud of our effective and safe wide range of nutritional and plant protection solutions, focused on healthy and high performance farming.


Our commitment is to improve the efficiency of our fields, using modern and sustainable agriculture. ECOFORCE´s products are:
1.Able to provide organic agriculture and free residue farming.
2.Safety for the farmer.
3.Without security term.
4.Suitable with beneficial organisms.
5.Not generate resistance to crop pests.
6.With multiple mode of action.
7.Natural or biological technology.
8.Safety for the environment and people. All of our products are certified within the legislation of organic agriculture making feel the farmer more confident and safety.



ECOFORCE´s beliefs are that the basis of good agriculture starts at the soil. Therefore, we produce several types of high quality organic matter, which enhances fertile soil for crops. Organic matter is a material that we find in every stage of decomposition, from fresh organic matter, to even «humus», which is completely decomposed and stabilized. «Humus» is composed by elaborate substances (humic and fulvic acids and humins) with colloidal action, which play important physical and chemical roles in soil, similar to clays. These compounds are essential to improve soil characteristics. Using organic matter products, we can achieve an optimized plant growth, stimulating root system and aerial plant part. Every single one of them, improve quality and yield of the harvest.


Root system and aerial organs have a large number of important functions:
•Application of root stimulants, increasing crop efficiency.
•Root system is essential to optimize soil resources for plant´s nutrition.
•Improve respiration and increase of growth.


Biostimulants have been our associates for many years in organic agriculture. Nowadays, scientists have proven their important role in conventional agriculture, as a supplement in crop nutrition and crop protection.
Agricultural biostimulants are characterized by increasing plant strength to abiotic stress. These products stimulate soil reinforcing its health and promoting benefitial microorganism development. Taking into account that healthy soil retains more water efficiently and reduces erosion. Biostimulants are used to develop plant´s metabolic functions, so crops can increase the quantity and quality of the harvests. Biostimulants promote several plant organs like roots, fruits…
Aminoacids: Stable compounds based on aminoacids obtained from enzymatic hydrolysis, which improve crop’s biological efficiency. They provide the necessary nutrients for the contribution of cellular hydric balance, so plants can lead to different abiotic stress.
Algae: These products, which are formulated with A.nodosum extracts, improve nutritional balance. Our products provide macro and micronutrients, proteins (vitamins, hormones, aminoacids), mannitol (with osmoprotective effect), alginic acid, polysaccharides, polyphenols (enhances the plant’s strength during cellular stress to confront the effect of free radicals generated by pathogens) y laminarians. Furthermore they have a hormonal effect, according to plant´s phenological state and the application moment. They contain auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins and betaines.
This products contribute to increase absorption and assimilation of nutrients. They have synergetic effects, which improve crop response against adverse conditions and promote hormonal activity in many phenological phases, improving high yields.


Microorganisms in agriculture are very useful to achieve fully-developed crops. They are essential to maintain soil fertility. In fact, soils without microbial flora are poor and unbalanced, so its necessary to add constantly, large quantities of synthesis fertilizers.
Even though microorganisms are not actual fertilizers, they are needed for an optimum fertilization. Many microorganisms produce biostuff which have fungicide and insecticide effects, so plants can be naturally protected.
Nowadays, biotechnological formulations are used to solve many types of problems in order to accomplish healthy crops. These products help farmers to increase yields, stimulate pests’s resistance and support biotic and abiotic adverse conditions.


Fertilizers based on algae extracts and micronutrients, acting in a synergetic way with plants, to reroute more photo assimilates where plant requires its like growing fruits. In this way, we improve all the quality parameters: size, consistency, turgor, coloration, homogeneity and post-harvest life.
On the other hand, potassium fertilizers, encourage sugar synthesis and its later accumulation on the sugar sinks. For this reason, it is recommended to apply this product during growing-fruit process as it increases fruit size and homogeneity.
Combination of both products has a positive effect on plants, improving ripening and homogeneity growing-fruit process without any type of stress.


Macro and microelements stable formulation, supplemented with aminoacids and algae. These products have systemic properties, which favour its application and plant assimilation. In this way, using these products we can anticipate the deficiencies that our crops may suffer, with the appropriate vegetal growing concentrations.


Our products are made of excellent quality raw materials. These type of products are used as an alternative fertilizer to provide nutrients like phosphorous, carbon, silicon or calcium. These raw materials contribute to root system stimulation, plant growth, nutrient absorption and also promote microbial soil activity. Many of these microorganisms improve substrate quality in poor soils, contributing to nutrient retention and increasing crop yields.


They are essential in agriculture, a suitable pH control solution. It is important to know the consequences of mixing any products and their eventual incompatibilities. The best way to reduce these solubility or precipitated problems, is using pH regulators. Accomplishing a balanced pH mixture, we improve the product adherence, making easier their plant assimilation and also increasing the persistence on the leaves. It is by these means, that we achieve a good product efficiency.


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