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Buy iron chelate
Force-Fe Eco is a product based on chelated iron as Fe EDDHA, in the form of homogeneous micro-granulates of high solubility. The speed of action and persistence of the chelating agent ensures its bioavailability and stability in soils with an alkaline pH and high levels of carbonates.
Force-Fe prevents and corrects easily iron deficiency (chlorosis) achieving greater quality of sprouting and flowering.



Iron (Fe) water soluble and chelated by EDDHA 6% w/w
Iron (Fe) chelated by EDDHA (ortho-ortho isomer) 4.8% w/w


Completely soluble micro-granules.
Solubility (20 ° C): 125 g/l.
The stability of the chelated fraction is guaranteed in the range of pH: 4-12


It is recommended to fractionate applications during the phases of greater vegetative growth, starting the applications from the start of activity or after transplantation.
Force-Fe can be applied to all crops through irrigation water or directly to the ground, injected, buried or scattered.
• Arable or horticultural crops.
In horticultural crops applying at a rate of 5-10 Kg/Ha in short-cycle crops and between 10-20 Kg/Ha in long cycle crops.
In arable crops use between 0.5-10 g/m2. It can be used in aerial spraying at a rate of 100-300 g/Hl, performing application at sunset due to photosensitivity of the chelate.
• Fruity or woody crops.
Apply at a rate of 5-20 g/plant like a maintenance dose and correction of light deficiencies. Can increase the dose until a 50% in cases of high iron deficiency.

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